Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Iowa National Guard soldiers mobilize for Afghanistan deployment

Members of the Iowa National Guard have been ordered to active duty to combat the recent surge of violence and Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan.

The Department of Defense (DOD) and the National Guard Bureau, Washington, D.C., have ordered to federal active duty approximately 20 selected Soldiers from various Iowa Army National Guard units. The alert and mobilization is part of Operation Enduring Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism.

To honor the guardsmen, nearly 300 people attended a send-off ceremony Monday at Camp Dodge in Johnston.

The soldiers will report immediately to their mobilization station at Fort Riley, Kan. for additional training and preparation before departing for the Afghanistan theater of operations. In Afghanistan, these soldiers will operate as a Regional Corps Advisory Group Embedded Training Team to provide mentorship and advanced training to the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police.


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Anonymous said...

I have served in the military ( Active Army ) for 10 years and have been staying around the iowa national guard camp in Iowa why on leave. I am not one to disrepet a fellow unit or soldier but I have not seen a more ate up unit in my life then the ones I have been seeing in iowa. I understand that thay are guardsman or people playing soldier on the weekend, and end up fighting like I have a veterian of Iraq, and afghanistan. I have never seen a unit with crazy things such as soldiers walking around base out of uniform( covers sideways, shirts untucked, ACU tops ziped halfway up just to name a few), and missmaching uniforms, ( ACU paints with PT shirts )and this to include NCO's at that the ones that are to be leading them, teaching the army standerds. I have allso seen a soldier walking around with fellow soldiers waveing his gun around like a toy, why his buddys just stud buy laughting like thay was back home playing cowboys and indians. I just have been wondering if there is any strucher with these units. I am heading back to Afghanistan for a seconed tour, and am wored that I may have to work with someone that has no millitary structure. I would not wont to put my life in there hands if need be. Dont get me wrong thoue I have worked with alot of guard units over seas just wounded wont it to be this one that is all. After all that is said thoue I do wish them the best of luck over sea's.

Anonymous said...

I understand your worries I as a National Guard soldier (not of Iowa) to would have the same concerns. But you have to keep in mind that you have classifies all Iowa National Guard soldiers under "ate up". Rereading the article you will see that they have selected 20 soldiers for this mission. I'm sure that the Iowa National Guard has selected 20 of there best!! We both know that every unit Active or National Guard has soldiers that do not maintain there military barring and that do not wear there uniform with pride. Those are the bad apples of the Army all we can do is lead from the front and make on the spot corrections.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what unit you saw, but as an Iowa guardsman I can say that that is certainly not the standard in MOST Iowa guard units. Having worked with the Active Duty I can honestly say that our standards are often higher because we know we are under scrutiny by those who would brand us "weekend warriors" "playing soldier."

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