Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Iowa Front: Military & Veterans’ Weekly Roundup

Veterans/Political Fronts

“Three-Star General Promotes Obama as Next Commander in Chief”: Sen. Barack Obama may not have been in Iowa on Wednesday, but his presence was felt during his campaign's "Commander in Chief" Tour. "Obama has not served in the military but it was clear, when I watched him bond with our soldiers stationed in Africa, that Obama loves the military," retired Air Force Gen. Scott Gration told a crowd gathered at the Solon Public Library. "Barack understands how valuable our soldiers are and the sacrifices they're making for our country. He understands that this is a force that cannot be squandered and must be used at the right time to preserve our interests. That's why Obama should be our next commander in chief." (Iowa Independent)

“Clinton Campaign Announces the Names of 316 Iowa Military Veteran Supporters”: Iowans for Hillary today announced the names of 316 Iowans who have served our nation in the armed services and are supporting Hillary Clinton. "In the Senate, Hillary fought to secure funding for veterans’ hospitals, to reduce prescription drug prices for veterans, and provide: additional support for disabled veterans,” said Sgt. Major Dean Cox USA (Ret.). “I know that she will continue to stand up for us when she is in the White House." (Clinton Press Release)

Military Front

“Books: 'Sisters' Face the Fire in Iraq”: Right now, women make up about 10 percent of the American troops serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan. In her new book, “Band of Sisters,” Drake University graduate Kirsten Homsted explores the role and experiences of women in warfare. "I really wanted to be the first to show women in combat and how that issue was unfolding on the battlefield," she said. Homsted’s book profiles few Iowa women who served in these wars. (Des Moines Register)

“Soldiers of 133rd Begin Arriving Home”: After 22 months of service the soldiers of the First Battalion, 133rd Infantry are coming home. Originally slated to return in April, the 133rd, based out of Northeast Iowa and containing soldiers from all over the state had its tour extended in January. “If you look at the entire time, it’s fairly remarkable,” said Lt. Col. Greg Hapgood of the National Guard. "I think if you look at this…one of the longest serving National Guard units on active duty in the global war on terror. These folks have really distinguished themselves.” (Press-Citizen)

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