Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Richardson Begins Airing “Heroes” Ads in Iowa

Touting his record as New Mexico’s governor and commander-in-chief, Gov. Bill Richardson released his latest television ad in Iowa. The ad, “Heroes,” highlights Richardson’s support for veterans and how he led the national effort to raise the death benefits for the families of fallen soldiers. During campaign stops in Iowa, Richardson said he would give all veterans a “Heroes Health Card” that would allow them to receive health care wherever they need it. Currently, veterans are required to access their health benefits at designated veterans’ hospitals, which creates an accessibility burden for those veterans who don’t live near them.

New "Heroes" TV Ad

"This ad shows how the Governor has long supported our troops and has fought to honor their service with meaningful life insurance benefits and a health care proposal that would make health care much more accessible for veterans who live great distances from V.A. hospitals," said campaign manager Dave Contarino in a press release.

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